Community Groups

African Drumming

All community groups are inclusive, we welcome abled and less abled; people suffering from mental health issues, learning disabilities, people recovering from serious illness, people suffering with physical disabilities, the over 65’s, people suffering from hearing loss, and sight impairment, single parents, students. We welcome people from all nationalities, colour, creed, religions, or no beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation. We welcome all!

Sessions are designed for everyone regardless of special needs or requirements; everyone will be able to take part.

Rhythms are taught verbally, no need to read text or music.

Sessions run for abled and less abled together in a happy fun learning environment.

Our focus is on having fun, and focusing on what can be achieved, regardless of disability or ill health.

We encourage all to join our performance groups, to go out in the community and give a great fun lively performance.

Dhol Drumming

As with the African drumming we believe in total inclusion, sessions run for abled and less abled together.

Aiming for great performance opportunities.

We have 12 beautiful Dhol Drums for use in sessions, bought with a Grant from  MK Community Foundation . Many thanks.



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